Millennium Collections

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Interactive Web Portal

Millennium’s interactive client web portal allows clients to access our collection database to view and download all information about the client’s accounts and the current status of the collection process. While most agencies with web access only permit viewing of the last collector note, Millennium’s client portal allows our clients to view all collector notes from the inception of the collection to activity to date. This includes amounts collected and future promises of payment, to total collections for the portfolio, with percentages and ratios.

The interactive feature of the program gives clients the option to enter their own notes into the system to notify us of any changes on the accounts that we should know about. When a client enters a note into the system, emails are generated to Millennium’s management and accounting departments, notifying us to view the note, saving the client the time and effort of calling and/or emailing us.

The client portal also allows the client to download statistical reports in plain text and Excel ® format, producing reports and graphs of collection statistics. Customized reports using multiple fields can be created as well. Other than a basic web browser, no special software is required to access the client portal.